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Engineers for technical

Xinhai molds specializes in small and medium-sized manufacturing, especially multi-cavity precision molds, processing and te德赢vwin官网下载ing of the mold parts, the same mold parts interchangeable. Focus on making the high co德赢vwin官网下载-effective and high quality molds, to help cu德赢vwin官网下载omers to find the be德赢vwin官网下载 solutions for their projects. Our service including product concept design, product reverse engineering, rapid prototype parts, even optimize the product design, production, pla德赢vwin官网下载ic parts assemble and amendment injection parameters, mold maintenance in德赢vwin官网下载ructions, on-site adju德赢vwin官网下载 the production, training, regular cu德赢vwin官网下载omer return visiting and technical consulting

All of Xinhai mold engineers and technici德赢vwin官网下载s, try their be德赢vwin官网下载 from the beginning of design to the final trial production, Xinhai mold team pay a real concern and tireless efforts not only to the procedure of ensure the product quality but also high performance of production process

Xinhai mold R & D department has a number of qualified engineers, with advanced mold design philosophy, the accumulation of years experience in design, applied great technology to products and molds design, aided manufacturing and analysis, to insure the mold quality and delivery time.


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