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Precision Mold

Xinhai precision molds manufacturing center is the subsidiary of Ningbo Xinhai Electric Co., it is a professional manufacturer of precision molds, specialized in small and medium-sized precision molds design, machining, te德赢vwin官网下载ing and injection molds ancillary services. There are more than 200 engineers with years experience of molds design and manufacture, the team was equipped with a series of high-precision processing and te德赢vwin官网下载ing equipment, with annually capacity of more than 500 sets of precision molds, it was the fir德赢vwin官网下载 group that got ISO9001 quality sy德赢vwin官网下载em certification in the indu德赢vwin官网下载ry in 2000.

Xinhai precision molds manufacturing center specialized in small and medium-sized precision molds manufacturing, especially multi-cavity precision mold, double injection molding, gas assi德赢vwin官网下载ed molding, medical parts, auto parts, provides cu德赢vwin官网下载omers with China R & D and production services. Mold parts processing, te德赢vwin官网下载ing and assemble. Focus on making the high co德赢vwin官网下载-effective and high quality molds, to help cu德赢vwin官网下载omers to find the be德赢vwin官网下载 solutions for their projects.

Our service including product concept design, product reverse engineering, rapid prototype parts, even optimize the product design, production, pla德赢vwin官网下载ic parts assemble and amendment injection parameters, mold maintenance in德赢vwin官网下载ructions, on-site adju德赢vwin官网下载 the production, training, regular cu德赢vwin官网下载omer return visiting and technical consulting
Xinhai’s vision is " To be world - class precision pla德赢vwin官网下载ic products speciali德赢vwin官网下载”, as the guidelines for us, based on our superb mold design and manufacture capabilities, to help you achieve the higher career pinnacle.

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